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Les Bums

Les Bums

 After more than 100 concerts under their belt, Les Bums have learned to mix sparingly different sounds of their instruments in order to offer the public delicious exotic blends. Indeed, they unpack before your eyes, as the show strangest instruments as each other. A didgeridoo drone, a melodic table resonator guitar or ukulele, if not a saxonnette and all punctuated by a cajon. All this is just a sample of what you can offer Les Bums.


Indeed, these are multi-instrumentalists from time to time, the label band of men after taking care to present the instruments to the public so that it can leave home with full head and blues course, smile!


You can purchase the CD 12 tracks (7 € shipping included). For those interested or have any questions, thank you for contact by mail:

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 An amateur video, taken from the concert in the streets of Maastricht on our tour in August 2013


Here are our dearest map that traces our various trips. As long as there will be room, we will continue!

 Pivert Didgeridoos - Itinéraires Bums