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Laurent FRADET, I live in the so called Deux-Sèvres area, where it all begins …

Playing music for many years, I got stuck some years ago on this wonderful piece of wood, the didgeridoo. I got quickly attached and I spent many hours in order to make a close friend. With the arrival of the “Dream of the Aborigine” playing techniques have dramatically improved, justifying the public interest for this so mystical instrument. Requiring no specific knowledge or musical know-how, this easy to play instrument is really for everyone. It has been for me, an extremely rich gateway allowing me to rediscover music.

Passion for wood, music, and more specifically for the instrument led me gradually to manufacture my own didgeridoos to finalize a personal collection, allowing me to play with other tuned instruments. Nature lover, I work mainly French wood species, samples that have already had a life and ask for one only thing: being offered a second life!

After prototyping my first pieces, I looked more seriously on the design of the instrument, including the air column. Naturally curious, I started working on different species to build my own opinion on the usefulness of each of them as the main element of a future didgeridoo. I try as much as possible to satisfy my curiosity not to realize the same room twice, both on the musicality and aesthetics, thus driving me to imagine new solutions.

My instruments are available for sale since 2010. I run a stock that helps supplying various partners and I also work on command, whether for simple didgeridoos or special models (tunable Didgeridoo with mouth sliding, removable products, …)