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Tunable Didgeridoo

Some of the bands I play in require me to play in some extreme conditions, as under a blazing sun. I’ve realized that in these conditions, didgeridoos loose accurate harmonic tuning.

The speed of sound in air depends on the environment temperature it is used in. The instruments are manufactured at an ambient temperature around 20°C. Therefore, when playing outside on summer, temperature difference implies that your instrument is not tuned anymore, sound traveling at a different speed.

So far, didgeridoos manufacturing could not allow me to correct this property and thus allow didgeridoos players to tune their instruments, like in fact any musician. So I designed, in 2012, a mouth slide guaranteeing the musicians to play their instruments accurately, regardless the conditions in which they are located.

Acoustic sealing is provided by a cork plug, which has a dual role here because it also keeps the slide in position after tuning, allowing you to always have your hands free.

Tunable Didgeridoo not in stock, only available only through order.





Didgeridoo availble in key of D